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Friendicoes SECA (Society for the Eradication of Cruelty to Animals)
Friendicoes is a registered non-profit charity operating in the city of Delhi since 1979. They concentrate on the belt between Delhi and Agra and in and around the state of Haryana.

At any given time Friendicoes has a 1000 animals to feed, medicate and provide care to.

“Funds are usually from the local people for services done and rarely do we get large donations or grants in aid. This is because the cruelties inflicted on common domestic animals are not given much importance as they do not have the glamour of wildlife. Consequently we find ourselves running a credit line for medicines, food items etc sometimes for over 6 months”
- Geeta Seshamani, Co-founder & Vice President Friendicoes
Friendicoes operate:
The City Shelter in Delhi

In 2008, the shelter provided refuge or treatment to 25,000 abused, injured and abandoned animals. Dogs with spinal cord injuries and fractured legs; cats that have been run over by cars; old and disabled pets abandoned in parks and monkeys which are electrocuted or beaten up are a familiar sight at the City Shelter.
The Country Sanctuary in Gurgaon, Haryana
(45 Kms away from Delhi)

The Sanctuary provides a retirement home to old or disabled donkeys & mules from the brick kilns and Police & Army horses retired from service leading their last few years in peaceful dignity. Here monkeys, dogs and cats find a refuge, as do injured cows rescued from the streets or abandoned by their owners because they stopped producing milk. All animals that can’t be released back find a home at the Sanctuary.
Some of their other Areas of Work
Ambulance Service – Friendicoes run three ambulances along with a night ambulance service. The service is used to rescue hit and run animals, abandoned or abused pets and any other very sick strays.
Spay / Neuter Programme for stray dogs and cats – Friendicoes conducts 600 such surgeries in Delhi and 400 in Gurgaon each month.
Mobile Clinics for Equines - Since 1984 Friendicoes has been running a mobile clinic for equines, at brick kilns, stone quarries, tonga stands etc. The route concentrates on the belt between Delhi and Agra and in and around the state of Haryana. Over 3000 equines are treated on this route.
Dog in the Gurgaon Sanctury Cow in the Gurgaon Sanctury Two Dogs in the Gurgaon Sanctury
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