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Tushar Agarwal
Growing up in India, I had the opportunity to travel to remote corners of the country, which is how I got the travel bug at a very early age. In the last decade, Iíve travelled to at least 20 different countries and have also driven around many of them including the US, Belgium, Netherlands, France, South Africa, Russia and Germany.

I now live in London and this year, I drove to the northernmost tip of the Island (John O Groats in Scotland) and to the southernmost tip (Land's End in England). I love being behind the wheel and it was during this trip that I decided to drive from London to Delhi.

While on the road, I often find myself dreaming about driving to far away places. Places that are inaccessible, places where I can meet and experience people who lead a different life, places that I will remember all my life!

I hope that my journey will inspire others to travel to those parts of the world that still remain unexplored.
Pooja Binepal Agarwal
I love to travel, I love dogs and through this journey I am looking forward to giving back to the community by raising money for Friendicoes, an animal charity in India.

Travelling around the world has given me the opportunity to make friends with different people and appreciate cultural differences. My recent trip to South Korea, helped an avid dog lover like me understand that even though owning dogs as pets is becoming popular in Seoul they can also easily end up as a delicacy on the dinner table!

I have been living in England for the last 9 years during which time, Iíve done a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), the Associateship of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) and worked as an Insurance BrokerÖ. As much as I am satisfied with my professional career, I have always longed to do something that would fulfil my passion of helping animals in distress.

Since January 2003, I have been sponsoring a UK animal charity for dogs called Dogs Trust http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/ and now want to play a bigger role by raising awareness and financial support for manís best friend.

I aim to make the most of this journey. This trip provides me with a chance to support Friendicoes, whose cause is close to my heart, a greater opportunity to have cultural exchanges with different ethnicities, hopefully the ability to tactfully deal with situations that might spin out of control and most of all believe that nothing is impossible.
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